Thursday, February 13, 2014

++the one with the cleaners

my cubicle sat on the same floor with the admin's dept
the kind that managed all the cleaners reputation, their attendance, their benefits etc etc
everymorning, they'll start duty early, an hour prior to our business hours.
every evening, they'll also take off easily an hour before, 5pm-ish
altho with given the usual pass/xs card, they had to also sign in/off at a logbook located right infront of my cubicle.

so, every evening i'll have to witness them queueing infront of me to sign that log book out.
normally, we wont witness their attire to the office in the morning because they were super early..
but, in the evening, they'll all went back the same 5pm time and we can witness them wearing all sorts of fashionable attires going home.
yg tadi selekeh gile tudung kelepet gerbang2, skrg sudah bukak tudung dan berbaju sendat.
yg tadi selekeh gile berbaju uniform same warne, skrg sudah berbaju ropol2 kau
ade yg tudung lilit2, putar2, bersimpol sane sini, ade yg bersanggul tinggi, ade yg berserban :((,
mcm mcm fesyen pelik
baju toksah ckp, mcm2 fesyen warne warni.

and the smell! bau!
the smell of many super strong scented perfumes!
itu yg perempuan, okla wangi walopon tengit, tp atlis wangi.
tp, yg lelaki, yg jadi security, :(( nangis.
there was one time our hod reported to the admin's dept manager that the security guard at his level is smelly, and that poor guy was being sacked riteaway.
sedih tp serious mmg busuk.
hod yg tu pula mmg jenis yg suke pakai shirt warne warni. metrosexual. u know those type. sgt mementingkan body odour.

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