Tuesday, September 2, 2014

++the one who drives slowly

if it is for the better me, i would totally vote the way i drove.
everybody hated it. hates it.
myself included.

i dunno how, but i tend to be very shaky & unfluent on road.
during the first year of driving, people will scream 'kering darah' and i once nearly bumped a drunk at bangsar area.
during my kelisa days, i got knocked off in an accident, a major one for my life, and after that, i tend to drive super slowly. or atleast i think i am.
my hand shakes whenever the needle passed 100kmh.
eventho mostly because of the car itself tend to be shaky or swinging on the road, but, myself just cant bear the fastness kot.
but eventho i drove super lembab, still, i didnt drive smoothly pon, it was crooky and if i am a passenger, maybe, just maybe, i'll puke.
like the feeling of riding in juli's car.

i hate it when people drive fastly but not smoothly, tekan minyak byk giler tp asyik break mengejut.
i hate it.

so far, there are a few people that i love riding with, be it slowly or rempitly.
rase selamat.

this entry, as usual, has no motive.

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