Monday, September 29, 2014

++the one with cerita2 hantu

seriously, it has been ages since i do join sesi cerita2 hantu!
i will try to avoid it, especially if it is late at night.

but, last saturday, after jamming, we lepak lepak at the mamak nearby.
mengumpat started with how a friend is describing on why we should bersyukurlah malaysia aman with his latest experience at thailand & philippines, and suddenly, the topic went divert into ghost stories!

from the legendary hantu susu dukung batu nisan story, to cerita2 seram di cyberjaya stories, to the highland tower story.

one of the stories was about a trip q (bukan nama sebenar) went at pulau tioman (kot).
they slept at a chalet tepi pantai and stupidly watched a ghost movie that night.
so, something happened that night, and the next night, and q said, actually, when we sit together ghost-story-telling, the ghost will be with us, listening.
that was when, i felt like i saw a blackish shadow beside me.
aku terus tarik kerusi duduk rapat2.
serious seram.

walopon begitu, aku x berjaya menulis cerita ini menjadi seram. kan?

nangis ..
dan berundunr secara fading...

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