Wednesday, September 3, 2014

++the one with the status

official working environment requires me to engage my testing partners via the instant messaging system. mostly skype, some on ym, some on msn (previously, but now msn has merged into skype),  very little numbers on gtalk, none so far wanted to use our famous whatsapp. i dunno why.
and by partners, i literally meant internationally.

not that we cant talk on the phones, which is the actual testing equipment, but it is easier, especially when language is the barrier. not that i dont speak english, nor understand it, but some country's accent were, well, i think malaysian's english is the best.

normally, it was strictly business. limitted to the testing discussions, requirements, issues & helps.
but some went overboard, me too, especially when the country spoken to, is, erm, an interesting one.

during recent testing, it was between me and an Englishman.
brrrrrrr, i loveeeee british accent.
after a very long talk & discussion on the testing, he asked me, 'why is your heart broken?'
wah! i was shocked!
how the come he knew lah kan.. guwek tekejot berok gituh.
oh ruparupanya my skype status is hatiku retak seribu (which was updated fuhh yonkkks ago)
awwww. co cwit. hahaha gedik mode terus activated disitu.
he told me that he google-translated it.
co cwit. cwit cwit cwit.

rase nak lempang aku tak?

(but how do u know the meaning, i meant)

currently listening to:radiyo intenet. hotfm atm. tatau tah lagu apo tah.
currently feeling:happy & loved
i wanna be backkkk and memelokkkkk lok lok lok mr teddy. gatai.

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Pojan said...

wiwiwiwiwiwi dapat british man