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++THE ONE WITH CANADA | The Accommodations

Hi again

First of all, im gonna introduce the group.
1st one is of course my lifetime travel leader/partner, MMTK. If you've previously read my blog during the trip to Japan/tokyo, you'll remember what's the meaning of mmtk. and who she is.
She, so far, has been doing all the research, planning, booking, iteneraries, everything, for almost all of our trips (japan, korea, nz, russia, morocco, taiwan, dll).
So, if you happen to be a guy (with dick, maknanya bukan gay), and if you are single and loves travelling tp alala malas sikit buat iteneri, sila lah berkenalan dgn MMTK. Your life would never be the same. gituh.
(kpd mmtk: mohon beri diskaun kpd hutang piutang sis)
2nd one is the high pitcher, WR. The name is actually just the alpha form of her main nickname. i dunno why i dont wanna reveal the true nickname here, but, just layankan aje la aku ni, kekdg muzabzab terlebih.
She and mmtk and me, have been knowing each other since december1992, and there are a few trips that we've been together, but not all, because unlike me&mmtk, this one has a lottt of other gang2 dia. so, there might be some clash on few of other trips we went.
and, the 3rd one is me. nothing new, same old same old. masih single dan masih mingle. begittew.

In this posting, i'm gonna write about our accommodations for the whole journey.
As WR always said during our trip, we are not poor, but, we have not enough money to buy everything we wanted in life. haha. So, MMTK (our leader), had, as usual, picked the most 'affordable' stays troughout the trip, pre-booked from or
Why because she said, we dont have to pay for the deposit, unlike most of airbnb hosts.

As usual, im gonna copypaste first the whole trip's journey list:
Day00 - KUL to Shanghai to Vancouver
Day01 - Vancouver to Whistler - Overnight in Whistler - Blackcomb Lodge by Whistler Premier
Day02 - Whistler to CacheCreek - Overnight in Cache Creek - Canadas Best Value Desert Inn & Suites
Day03 - Cachecreek to Revelstoke - Overnight Revelstoke - Frontier Motel
Day04 - Revelstoke to Banff & Canmore - Overnight in canmore - THE DRAKE INN
Day05 - Canmore to LakeLouise & Banff - Overnight in canmore - THE DRAKE INN
Day06 - Canmore Mt Lorette & Calgary - Overnight in canmore - THE DRAKE INN
Day07 - Canmore ThreeSistersMountain dll - Overnight in canmore - THE DRAKE INN
Day08 - Canmore to Lake Peyto to Jasper - OVERNIGHT IN JASPER - Tonquin Inn
Day09 - Jasper to Maligne, Medicine & Pyramid Lake - OVERNIGHT IN JASPER - Tonquin Inn
Day10 - Jasper to Valley of 5 Lakes - OVERNIGHT IN JASPER - Tonquin Inn
Day11 - Jasper to Clearwater - Overnight in ClearWater - Watauga Village Cabins and Suites
Day12 - Clearwater to Kamloops to Lytton - Overnight in Lytton - Lytton Hotel
Day13 - Lytton to HRC to Vancouver - Overnight in Vancouver - Atrium Inn Vancouver
Day14 - Vancouver - Overnight in Vancouver - Atrium Inn Vancouver
Day15 - Vancouver (the night is the night we went back home KL)
Day16 - Vancouver to Shanghai to KUL
-Canmore hotel that we stayed in gave the best view (of, ofcourse, the rockies) (tapi xde kitchen),
-Jasper's hotel that we stayed in gave the best soap and ade kitchen and katil yg sodap (tapi view biase sejjah),
-whistler's hotel that we stayed in ade semua tu tapi parking mahal sehari 17dollar.
-Atrium inn in vancouver tuh ade free breakfast everyday, but no kettle/microwave in room. bowring.
-Yg lelain, motel/hotel biase2 yg mostly xde microwave, kettle dan xde kitchen.
-(hotel kat cache creek tuh paling berhantu. We even heard some bunyi2 aneh. huhu. i cant sleep that night.)

So, on day 1, we overnight at whisper. (Blackcomb Lodge by Whistler Premier)
The hotel we stayed in, is a proper hotel (bukan motel), is complete with very nice view, 1 queen bed & 1 sofa bed, got kitchen & microwave & oven & kettle, and iron.
cons: parking has to be paid, 17dollar per day. meh! (all of our other hotel/motels that we stayed here came with free parking)

On day 2, we overnight at cache creek. (Canadas Best Value Desert Inn & Suites)
The place is actually a motel, something like we always watch in tv, dimana ada pelacur2 dtg memberikan khidmatnya tu :D:D:D and it is a haunted one! (or so i thought). entahlah mmg hotel yg berhantu, or hantu dah ikot from the roadside ke, i dunno, because we arrived here at dark, the journey was also a dark one, there isnt much roadside lamps all the way.
at first, WR felt (nampak selimpas) something passing by when she took her bag from the car, but when she look up, there's nothing there. denggggg!
and then when we lepak2 atas katil playing with our mobile phone, there's weird sound of ketuk2 dinding coming from behind us, and the sound actually crept from one side to another. denggg!
and that night, i couldnt sleep. i got this feeling of 'something' is watching me, and limpas2.
both mmtk & wr slept well. cis.
cons: no kettle or microwave or kitchen or iron.

On day 3, we overnight at revelstoke. (Frontier Motel)
when we thought that the hotel in cache creek is such a pelacur's motel, this one in revelstoke lagi horror! it was like motel2 for driver2 treler panjang berehat semalam. with cikcur service.
and there's no heater! (actually there is a heater, but we couldnt find it kot. haha)
so kami tido dalam kesejukkan. i can sleep well, but both mmtk & wr couldnt. yay!
cons: no kettle or microwave or kitchen or iron. and tv style lama, yg cembung tuh.

On day 4,5,6,7, we overnight in canmore (The Drake Inn) (i count this as banff because this is the nearest town to banff, and hotels in banff is super expensive).
After struggling with motel cikcur in 2 nights in a row, the hotel in canmore brought us tears!
It was such a nice hotel, with omg the greatest view of the rockies, dgn sungai mengalirnye just next to the hotel. ah supernice weh. (Actually, we booked a normal view room, but being upgraded to this room with rockies view)
the room was with 2 queen beds, so WR terpaksa bertukar partner tiap malam. :D
cons: no kettle (but we managed to loan it from the front desk), no microwave or kitchen, no iron too.

On day 8,9,10, we were at jasper. (Tonquin Inn)
We were told that they upgraded our room to a family deluxe. Superduper yaayyy.
so, there is kitchen yg lengkap with kettle and microwave and oven, 1 queen bed in a separate room inside the same room, 2 single bed at the main room. the soaps are the best too. and there is iron.
the view however, is not as great as the one in canmore, altho we can still see the rockies, but ok je la.
and there is also laundry room at the hotel area, this is where we did our laundry (setelah behari2 gagal gi laundry di canmore sbb dia tutup awal, kol 830pm)

On day 11, we went to clearwater. (Watauga Village Cabins and Suites)
the room is ok, not so motel-like (like the one in cachecreek/revelstoke), 2 queen bed, there is kitchen and kettle and microwave. view xde ape. but we were being welcomed by a beautiful cat.
cons: toilet tersumbat laaa pulak. so the next morning, i had to wake the owner's up to do my business, gladly, he gave me another room's key to do it. kihkihkih so drama.

On day 12, we overnight at Lytton. (lytton hotel)
the hotel is ok, the view should be ok but it was not near. we didnt have time to actually roam the area sbb letih sgt kot. ke dah malas tah. we just stayed in when we arrived, yg lagi beberapa minit je nak magrib dah, and after that dah gelap gelita.
there is also 2 queen bed, no kitchen or kettle, but got microwave.

On day 13&14, we stayed in vancouver (the atrium inn)
the hotel was nice and looks like the most expensive one through out the journey.
2 queen bed, with iron too, but, no kitchen or kettle or microwave. takdapatla kami nak habiskan sisa2 megi kami.
but the parking is free and gated inside the underground, and there is free breakfast everymorning. so yay jugakla.

i'll upload some pics later.

*updated the picture. With caption.

1)Hotel di Whistler (1n) - Blackcomb lodge by Whistler Premier

ade kitchen yg nice

1queen bed & 1sofabed yg blom di bukak..

each hotel room we stayed in pasti akan ade coffee maker, kettle xde tp mesti ade coffee maker. tp kat hotel whistle ni coffee maker dia paling canggih nih:

view cantik from hotel room (tapi x nampak sgt pon dlm gamba ni haha)(view cantik dlm video! acamanooo ahkak nak upload sini niiii)

2) Motel di Cache Creek (1n) - Canada Best Value Desert Inn & Suites (yg berhantu tuh)(tgk balik gamba yg spooky ni pon bole buat aku meremang)

2queen beds. sedap dan empok apalah artinye kalo aku x bole tidooooo huhuhuhuuhuh...


3) Hotel in Revelstoke (1n) - Frontier Fas Gas Plus Motel

sgt cowboy gile motel nih...

our room yg paling hujung ni. kearah hutan. sejuk nak mamposss...


4) Hotel Canmore (4n) - The Drake Inn (room yg diupgrade kpd rockies view)(TQ so much The drake inn !!!)

the toilet/shower

2queen bed yg enaknak

the view from our balcony!!! the rockies!!!

the hotel from outside.

still cant get enough of the room views!

5) Hotel in Jasper (3n) - Tonquin Inn

the 2 single bed at the main area

the small kitchen/pantry area

the toilet/shower

1queen bed at a separate room inside the main room.


6) Hotel in Clearwater (1n) - Watauga Village Cabins & Suites

2queen beds

we being welcomed by this monsieur

small kitchen area, just nice.

malangnye toilet tersumbat pulokkk


7) Hotel in Lytton (1n) - Lytton Hotel

2queen beds

the view from our hotel room. overlooking the fraser river.


8) Hotel in Vancouver (1n) - Atrium Inn

very nice cosy room! with 2 queen beds

got free breakfast everyday

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