Thursday, July 3, 2014

++the one with the old entries and pictures

aku mmg gile takde keje weh!
dari pagi u know what i did?
aku belek blog ni, and the old photos mostly dah takde. ia akan keluar tanda palang palang.
mcm ini:

oh mengapa semua ini terjadi???

so, from morning, i had to adjust & relink back the pictures to the entries (the pictures are still inside the blogger picasa web album storage, but the link were all haywired.

until now, i managed to adjust from nov2006 up until may2007.
wayyyyy to go videl !!!!!!!!!!

*mmg nampak sungguh xde keje nye kan.
currently listening to:coldplay - fix you
currently feeling:loved
i wanna go back! x saba nak balik yay yay! :x:x:x

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