Tuesday, July 1, 2014

++the one with gamba zamzam

i slept early. i think i passed at 10pm kot. i dont even wake up for sahor.
somebody promised to wake me up for sahor, all my murtabak & ayam percik went cold on that table.
i ddnt even watch that important game lastnite.
and now, i am still sleepy!

on another unrelated note,
somebody has been using our group photo at jeju island (loveland) for sesawang lucah.
with a caption of 'zam z4m alakazam'
u gotta be kidding me!
i've removed all that pictures from my blog, my tumblr & my insta.
but of course it is and will be still there.

BK told me the picture has been going viral in whatsapps anyways.

i guess i'll just mentally prepare myself for whatever odds that will come.

*seram gak la.

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i wanna be:a supermodel~


wawie said...

hahahahaha. nak tgk!

Unknown said...

hahahahaha... mcm bangang kan gamba tuh!!!!