Wednesday, March 5, 2014

++2014 Japan Tokyo Trip Costing

hai hai hai
this entry is for the costing report.. or we called it "damage done".

as u can see from the ss-table below, actual spendings are lower than expectations.
bravo! shabbashhh mrs dicaprio chan!

1. yup, as cheapskate as we sound, we got the return ticket during AA sale at rm632 onleh. well well well done nanachi kiasuchi..
2. we saved alot by taking most of the breakfast & dinner at our hostel (pantry).
(instant noodles/bread/rice). only lunch at the place we went (not all).
3. we stayed at ueno youth hostel (price is at around rm95 perperson pernite).
the best thing about this hostel is, it is located near to okachimachi train station,
& if u r fit like me (katenyerrrr), akihabara & ueno (ameyoko market) is a walking distance jeee...
(but akihabara & ueno are not suitable during luggage handling days, mereka hanya sesuai utk hari2 jalan2 lenggang kangkong tanpa arah tujuan nyata sahaje)
4. we cant proceed to mount fuji snowboardpark & hakone boat ride facing fuji due to the snow storms & the park has been closed (sedihhhh but we save alot, plus we get to main2 snow at  sounzan anyways, so okla)
5. most of all, thanx to si BR (to whom will be called as *matimatitamokasi from now on) for being cheapskate (like me) so the event turns out cheaper than anyone else in this world. all iteneraries (cost, rides, fees, accommodation, allllll, were being planned & estimated by her, only her). i cannot express how much we felt secured & gratitude for having a kiasu friend like her.
kalo nak harap aku, BK & MN, konfem nangih tengah jalan wherever we are.
6. on the shopping part, i exceeded 9254yen (rm300++) due to xyz's samurai sword. which he had paid me, so, basically my shopping spree was also within budget, yay!!!

*that being said, from now all u can refer us by this name:
BR- matimati tamokasi
BK- keiji cacimaki
IM- asyiko ulangkaji
MN- ayumi siputbabi
CP- nanachi kasibanya

ohwell, u r not that dumb to interpret the names yourself.

**Ralat: add in extra 450yen for the Makan (food) part. terlupa senaraikan seafood pizza at disneyland park.

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Unknown said...

Hi hi. Seriously korg punya budget abes below 3k je? Mmg plan nak g Japan tapi org cakap kne spend dlm 5k..

Unknown said...

Hi hi. Seriously korg punya budget abes below 3k je? Mmg plan nak g Japan tapi org cakap kne spend dlm 5k..

videLcute said...

hi nurul hasni,
yup exactly like what've been printed above.
we save alot because we only eat lunch outside, breakfast & dinner we ate at hostel. plus, i think maybe because we walk alot.