Tuesday, March 4, 2014

++2014 Japan Tokyo Trip prelim report

wow. time is surely the one thing i lacked of these days. as if.
im gonna summarised first the things we did/went to during this trip, (as usual grabbed from BR's fb photo albums.) hehe summimasen.

day 1:
+ Haneda Airport
+ Ueno Youth Hostel

day 2:
+ Ueno Park
+ Ameyoko
+ Odaiba (Tokyo Big Sight for Tokyo Marathon Expo, Diversity Tokyo Plaza (gundam), replica of the Statue of Liberty)

day 3:
+ Hakone
+ Gotemba Premium Outlet
+ Shinjuku

day 4:
+ Meiji Jingu
+ Yoyogi Park
+ Harajuku (Takeshita Street, Omotesando)
+ Tokyo Camii Mosque at Yoyogi Uehara
+ Shibuya (Hachiko statue, Shibuya Crossing, late lunch at Curry & Naan, early dinner at Gyumon Halal BBQ Restaurant)
+ Akihabara

day 5:
+ Tokyo Disneyland!!!!!!!!!!!!!
+ Roppongi

day 6:
+ Tokyo Skytree
+ Imperial Palace & Garden
+ Tokyo Tower
+ Akihabara

day 7:
+ Ueno (market, Ameyoko, Hard Rock)
+ Harajuku (Takeshita Street, Omotesando, Oriental Bazaar)+ Yoyogi Park+ Ueno Ameyoko kembali+ Pulang mari laa pulang..

overall, the budget (altho quite tough at my end, had to owe BK & BR 500bucks each), are met, not only because we skip few iteneraries/places to go to, but also from not spending dimes on the foods (unlike our korea trip).
everyday, we had breakfast at our hotel (normally maggi mee for me),
and had lunch at the place where we went to,
and then dinner back at hostel (bought instant rice at the mart & eat with our canned foods).

i have yet to calculate back all the spendings, but we brought around 90,000 yen (around 3k) each. pulang dgn tgn kosong. hehehe.
bak kate BR, "kalo kat malaysia takdenye ko nak beli der, so, baik beli je kat sini" everytime i tried to persuade myself of not buying something and convert the rate.

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