Friday, March 7, 2014

++2014 Japan tokyo trip | Day 2 | UenoPark, Ameyoko, Odaiba, Gundam

on the 2nd day at tokyo, we went to ueno park, ameyoko & odaiba.
+ Ueno Park. 
is only a walking distance from our hostel.
+ Ameyoko 
is located nearby too. also a walking distance.
+ Odaiba (Tokyo Big Sight for Tokyo Marathon Expo, Diversity Tokyo Plaza (gundam), replica of the Statue of Liberty).
odaiba is a man made island near tokyo city center.
from ueno train st, take that JR yamanote line towards shimbashi station. and from shimbashi station, we can buy a 1day pass for odaiba city (800yen). 
there are alot of attractions at odaiba but we only managed afew important ones like the tokyo big sight & gundam mall & statue of liberty facing the rainbow bridge.

and as mentioned in the costing journal, below are our spending on foods on this day:
+ breakfast at hostel. (i ate a pack of instant noodles)
+ lunch mackerel set lunch at sapporo restaurant, at ameyoko euno. (750 yen perperson)
+ dinner at hostel (we bough instant rice at the mart & eat with sambal ikan bilis + canned chicken curry)
(instant rice is around 100yen a pack (lebih kurang secawan nasi masak)).

in our hostel pantry area:

now on the way towards ueno park (they stopped at a mart and i took a picture)(but of course)

at ueno park.
ohwell, gamba vain.

paparazzi at work. well well...

 hebat kan lompatan agungku... well well..

well well well....

paparazzi at work. well well again...

this is at ameyoko ueno. this shop 'sports zyuen' (can also be found inside ameyoko road) sells cheap sports thingy like the running tshirt (dryfit) for only 1050yen (around rm35) and sports shoe for only 4500yen (around rm150 for acsics brand.)
but i dont have budget for sportshoe so i only bought the running tshirt (as if im a running kinda girl)

this is at ameyoko street

this is where we had our lunch. mackerel set. sedapppppp. for 750yen for 1 set of rice + mackerel grilled fish + miso soup. not bad, not bad atwol.

at odaiba tokyo big sight. (tokyo marathon expo 2014)(khusus for marathoners saparti matimatitamokasi & asyikoulangkaji, but they didnot get to enter that marathon event hehe)

this is still at odaiba area walking towards the gundam statue. sejok nak mampos especially bila dah malam. sejuk giler babi kalah sejuk mcm kat UK dulu!!!

and here goes picture of us with GUNDAM wehhhh!!! GUNDAM!!! at odaiba diversity tokyo plaza. and i bought some gundam miniature here for souvenirs that i regretted not buying for myself. alaa alaaa takkanla nak burok sikuuu kottt... huhuhuhu...

setelah jalan2 didlm the plaza itself, dan selamat membeli 2 helai pants at uniqlo (as if malaysia xde uniqlo, and the price here are mostly higher je dari yg kat malaysia), we went to the imitation of statue of liberty, with the rainbow bridge in the bg,

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Kakngah dokte said...

Hi, juzz wanna ask, dari Ameyoko Ueno nak ke Odaiba jauh tak?

videLcute said...

from ameyoko, kene gi shinbashi station dulu, then baru amek daily pass to odaiba. dlm 40mins rasenye.