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++2014 Japan Tokyo Trip | Day 6 | TokyoSkytree, ImperialPalaceGarden, TokyoTower, Akihabara

hai there...
day 6 itenaries:
  • Tokyo Skytree
  • Imperial Palace & Garden
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Akihabara
++ Tokyo skytree
Take train towards asakusa station, and changed to tokyo skytree line towards tokyo skytree station.
at asakusa station, we stopped to buy the greentea packs (and they eat greentea icecream, im not a fan).
our initial plan was to see asakusa (kaminarimon, nakamise shopping street, kappabashi kitchen town) but we dont have ample time to explore, so we just went to tokyo skytree only.
but we spend a dime at the mall below skytree, bought some sushi, tempura, prawn salad, yadayadayada. i took out more than 1000yen here. duh!

++ Imperial Palace garden
after tokyo skytree, we went to the imperial palace garden. 
from tokyo skytree station, we walked to oshiage station (10mins walk), and from there we took train to otemachi station (hamzomon line).
the garden's view was really spectacular i tell ya. magnificent!!
sakura has started blooming this day, 
and we were lucky yo! (because we were just in time to feel the winter snowing, and then witnessing the sakura blooming!)
The Imperial Palace East Gardens (皇居東御苑, Kōkyo Higashi Gyoen) are a part of the inner palace area and are open to the public. They are the former site of Edo Castle's innermost circles of defense, the honmaru ("main circle") and ninomaru ("secondary circle"). None of the main buildings remain today, but the moats, walls, entrance gates and several guardhouses still exist.
Edo Castle was the residence of the Tokugawa shogun who ruled Japan from 1603 to 1867. Emperor Meiji also resided there from 1868 to 1888 before moving to the newly constructed Imperial Palace.  

++ tokyo tower
is located at kamiyacho station. so from imperial palace garden we took train to kamiyacho station.
for me, nothing special about this tower because we have greater tower in malaysia. but, i believe that one must see all the country's hotspots once they r there, so, tgkkan aje la...

after that, keijicacimaki & ayumisiputbabi had to take off to the airport because their ticket were until this day only, only me & asyikoulangkaji & mati2tamokasi were left till tomorrow (our lastday in tokyo).

++ Akihabara
after KCM & ASB went off to the airport, the 3 of us went walking towards akihabara.
surprisingly, it was only a 10mins walk from our hostel. (we took train on the other day, not realising it was that close).
i did my last round of shopping here (or so i thought... dot dot dot)
and today was the day we found out that there is a halal market (&cafe) nearby our hostel here.
and also we found a tendon tenya restaurant on the opposite street that is also eatable (they only use vege oil for the tempura).
and the taste was really gooooooood. oishiiii!!!
AUK & MTK ate udon here. i am not a fan. (bykla not a fan nyer, kalo miskin ckp je la miskin) hahahahaha. ohwell.

what we/i eat on day 6:
+ breakfast at hostel. (i ate a pack of instant noodles)
+ lunch assorted foods bought at the mall below skytree. sushi, prawnsalad, sushi again, strawberry, tempura, etc etc (i ended up more than 1,000 yen at this mall for food alone. demit makanan2 cantik!)
+ dinner takoyaki (130yen each) & tendon set tempura at akihamara (500yen perperson)
*the shop name is tempura tendon tenya, asakusa tokyo (rasenye) and it is located at that akihabara row. same row wiith the biggest sofmap mall tuh.
it uses vege oil only.
*there is also a halal kebab restaurant at akihabara. almost infront of the biggest sofmap shop at that row.

at asakusa train station. nice mural.

ariel peterporn!!! hehehe

the green-tea icecream at asakusa.

at tokyo skytree train station.

tokyo skytree

professional photog at work. ahahahhaha

the only stuff that i can buy. #miskinhina.

the many assorted & delicious deserts & sushi & tempura & many other foods at the ground floor of skytree tokyo.

prawn salad yg sedap giler!

stroberi share share yg terpakse makan ikot turutan satu utk kau satu utk aku sbb takot tak samarata ahahahahahahahahahah

how they make a candy shop..

amazed with how that big of a size candy became this small yet delicate inside design.

a cherry tree blossom outside tokyo skytree. of how magnificent the pink petals shine out of the blue sky!!! and as always, with our faces on. bertambah cantik gamba, gittew.

at the entrance of the imperial palacae garden. entrancee fee is free, but it close at 430pm.


look closely, and u'll determine there's differences between tokyo & korean's architecture.

the beautiful sillhoutte.

a wrong set of angular view from the tripod, i had trouble adjusting, too bright of a sun's light, and also had to melutut. sakit pinggang acik. so, excuse the unfortunate angle.

beautiful branches at the heart of a beautiful blue sky! love them!!!

sorry, i cant get enuff of them branches.

we had our lunch here (mostly werethe food we bought at tokyo skytree mall). & performed our zuhr&asr prayer here too.

some of the many stupid acts/photos we took. mcm bangang kan? ahahahahahahhahaha

infront of the edo's castle.

at the tokyo tower. no, it is not the same with tokyo skytree.

at the akihabara street.

a halal shop/market at akihabara.

the most delicious takoyaki so far. also at akihabara street.

this is where we ate our dinner: at tendon tenya restaurant.

from AUK's point of view:

from MTK's point of view:

from KCM's point of view: 

AUK = asyiko ulangkaji aka IM
MTK = mati2 tamokasi aka BR
ASB = ayumi siputbabi aka MN
KCM = keiji cacimaki aka BK
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