Friday, March 7, 2014

++2014 Japan Tokyo Trip | Day 3 | Hakone & Gotemba

day 3:
+ Hakone
from okachimachi, we took train until shinjuku station,
and from there towards hakone. and then from hakone to yumoto station.
then, from there to gora. gora is the cable car station to mount hakone, famous for its breathtaking view of fuji mountain.

from gora, we can take cable car towards togendai where we planned to take the snowboarding + boatride at lake moto hakone (hakone sightseeing cruise) to watch fuji mountain but the ropeway/cable car has been closed down from sounzan towards togendai due to the snow storms.
so, we only take cablecar until sounzan (410yen) and had lunch over there.
due to that, after lunch & main2 salji yaknow,  we diverted our journey to :

 + Gotemba Premium Outlet
from sounzan, we return back to gora train station (410yen)
& from gora we took the train to shinmatsuda. 
from shinmatsuda took another train to gotenba (410yen).
from gotemba train station, there is a feeder bus (free) to the premium outlet (which was like 30mins away by bus, jauhhh tuh).
GPO operated until 7pm during this winter time (last bus from the outlet back to the train station is 45mins after GPO close).
same like any other premium outlet. only not cheaper pon.

+ Shinjuku
from Gotemba, we took the bus straight to shinjuku and it cost us 1540yen perperson.
shinjuku is famous for its nightscene activity. there r many maid cafe too. but we were too tired to explore so we went back to hostel only.

as mentioned in the eating journal in tokyo, below are our 
+ breakfast at hostel. (i ate a pack of instant noodles)
+ lunch onigiri & bread bought at the mart (perperson cost around 400++yen for all)
+ dinner at hostel (we bough instant rice at the mart & eat with sambal ikan bilis + canned chicken rendang)

blom sampai dah tetido2 dah diorg nihaaa... hahahhaa gamba sabo

at hakone train station before departed to yumoto then gora.

at gora, hakone.

up at sounzan, hakone.

where we ate our lunch pack (onigiri, bread, etc etc)

bimbo gila cuba makan siatas snow, sejuk beku vagina ahcik.

at gotemba premium outlet.

while imah & sue did their shopping, we lepak2 at tully's coffee. xdak duit nak shopping...

at shinjuku...

weird japanese in the train home...

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Carol said...

what month did you travel here? Because I also want to see snow.
I enjoyed reading your posts.
Thank you.

videLcute said...

hi carol!
tq for reading.
we went there february 2014.