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++2014 Japan Tokyo Trip | Day 5 | Disneyland Tokyo!!! & Roppongi

oooops. i shall now continue my tokyo trip entry.
day 5 was the day we went to tokyo disneyland, we had arguments about which disney park we wanted to go to, as tokyo had 2 disney parks, disneyland & disney sea.
both entrance fee at 6200yen (around rm200).
we chose disneyland, because the temperature was really cold at below 10degrees and we were afraid that we cant do so much train riding at disneysea (disneysea had more rides compared to disneyland).

+ Tokyo Disneyland
from okachimachi train station, we took the JR keihin tohoku line towards tokyo train station, and from there to maihama station by JR Keiyo line.
the entrance fee was 6200yen (rm200).

+ Roppongi
from maihama station, took train to hatchobori station (jr keiyo line)
and from hatchobori, took train to roppongi (hibiya line)
Roppongi is famous for its nite life. there is also HRC tokyo at this area.

our F&B for this date were:
+ breakfast at hostel. (we ate rice with chicken curry & sardines)
+ lunch biskut2 & roti2 at disneyland
+ dinner seafood pizza bought inside tokyo disneyland (450yen perperson perslice)(sedap gila)
+ supper kebab halal at roppongi (right above roppongi train station)(500yen perperson)

in the train towards maihama (disneyland). dah tidur ya kamu.

at disneyland oredi...

the afternoon parade...

bought the mickey-popcorn for 1800yen (menyesallllllll)

eat seafood pizza while waiting for the night parade. sedappppppp!!!
a slice was at 450yen.

the nite parade

the fireworks..

i might have settled for this cute fluffy mickey pillows if not has already bought that stupid popcorn. damn.:(

eat halal kebab at roppongi...

this was at HRC tokyo, at roppongi...

ohhh abang takukimu!!!! heheehehe

pics from asyikoulangkaji:

pictures from mati2tamokasi''s

u fluffy thang!

pics from ayumisiputbabi:

percubaan imah nak meraba mono ahahahahaha...

from keijicacimaki:

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