Tuesday, March 11, 2014

++the one with the realtime blackbox

"I often wonder though, in this day and age, why they don't find a way to upload the contents of the "Black Box" to a server on the Internet like "Drop Box" for example, in real time, continuously, while the plane is in the air.  Then when the plane lands safely, the data could be erased to save storage space.

It doesn't appear to me to be too difficult and it would be a good project for an engineer.  Then, when an accident like this does happen, they would have the Black Box data immediately.

Perhaps engineers should champion for this since the public may not realize how easy that would be to implement on planes that already offer Internet access."

oh, i loveeeeeeee dropbox!!!


owwe said...

i read somewhere because of cost and logistics :)

Unknown said...

the cost is for the internet to be working in all the planes, for once.. (it is an essential in the future like how we dont think wifi is possible in the beginning of the internet era).. the syncing (dropboxing) is all apps only kot...
kalo aku a telco provider CTO... tiada sambungannya.