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++2014 Japan Tokyo Trip | Day 7 | ueno ameyoko harajuku yoyogipark

day 7:
+ Ueno (market, Ameyoko, Hard Rock)
+ Harajuku (Takeshita Street, Omotesando, Oriental Bazaar)+ Yoyogi Park+ Ueno Ameyoko kembali+ Pulang mari laa pulang..

today is the last day we're in tokyo, so, we decided not to do much, just strolling along ueno road and do our final shopping, but halfway we decided to go back to harajuku to find the tokyo love soap. hahaha
apart from that, i had a mission to find a samurai sword for sibotak (he paid me later on, plus he'll pick me up at the airport, so, that was a realll relieve!! oh sankyu abgbotak!)(x dpt bayang kalo kene balik sendiri bawak brg byk gilerrrr).

my/our day 7 foods were as follows:
+ breakfast at hostel. (we ate rice with the rest of leftover canned foods we brought from malaysia like red sauce chicken & sardines & octopus we bought at the mart)
+ no lunch because we were still full from the breakfast
+ dinner kebab at ueno ameyoko area (near ueno train st)(halal) 500yen perperson & also grilled quarter chicken at the shop next to this kebab shop (also halal) for 500yen perperson.
+ supper in the plane home, meatball spag.
this is the famous okachimachi station that we always cacimaki. we had to carry our luggage upstairs because there is no escalators/lifts!! tinggi weh!!. :((

this is at ameyakokochi street towards ueno station. from okachimachi.
the market here sells cheap prawns & crabs!!!

there were also halal turkish kebab & grilled chicken shops at this street!!! we dunno before this.

had to take the walk support water supplement hahahaha. MTK & AUK are both a marathoners, i am like a siputbabi now.

ueno tokyo HRC at ueno train station.

too good of a chocolate. with nuts.

kawaii boots..

japanese lining up for a shop name eggs n things..

around omedosando

MTK & AUK infront of the oriental bazaar, this was whr i bought the samurai sword.

nice kannnn???

the tokyo love soap yg dicari cari oleh auk...

at yoyogi park..

we stopped & performed zuhr&asr prayer here...

went back to hostel and stopped at ameyokokochi street for a halal beef kebab...

and also a quarter chicken each. kenyang nak mampos kau.

pictures from MTK's point of view:

finally found a cheaper tokyo tshirt as a souviner...

us infront of the oriental bazaar..

that sword..

MTK met her few other marathoners from malaysia at yoyogi park.

having kebab at ameyokokochi street. i dunno why AUK was making that kinda face, was it bad?

those were like, what, 6bags oltogeder? and yet, i dunno what did i buy???? :((

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